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BOLFM Contingency Plan for COVID-19 

This document contains Operating Guidelines and Countermeasure Plans (to the mass gathering) during the pandemic of COVID – 19 in line with guidelines stated by the Church of England and the Department of Health UK. The objective is for Breath of Life parishioners and visitors to the church to review, clarify where necessary, and familiarise with the information contained therein.

Section A: Operating Guidelines

  1. Practicing good hand washing procedures

    1. Members and visitors alike are required to maintain good hygiene practice whilst in or outside the church premises

    2. We recommend the use of washing facilities e.g. toilets and sanitiser dispensers to be used on entry to the premises in addition to personal cleaning methods employed.

    3. Direction to the toilets are clearly marked for ease of access 

    4. We encourage all to use the hand sanitiser gels provided and wash hands as often as practically possible.


  1. Maintaining good hygiene including regular cleaning of church premises

    1. The church premises used will be cleaned before and after use by the volunteer parishioners to the premises as is our standard practice

    2. Correct PPE such as gloves and cleaning and disinfecting materials are made available for cleaning in a safe manner

    3.  The existing (cleaning) rota system will continue with additional support welcome for volunteers - to ensure effective and consistent standards of excellence considering additional cleaning demands. 


  1. Social distancing

    1.  We encourage all parishioners and visitors to imbibe other means of greeting for the period including avoiding handshakes and hugs where possible.

    2. Employ the possibility of spacing out seating arrangements in the church, leaving one seat between each member

    3. Following national guidelines for the period of the pandemic, we encourage members having or showing flu-like symptoms, however mild, to avoid entry to the premises. Kindly inform the church leaders in addition to contacting your primary physician/carer.

    4. Where number limits have been proposed for mass gatherings, suggest the use of prayer center facilities to host smaller numbers of members whilst an agreed number of members worship and live stream the service from the church premises


Section B: Countermeasure Plans

Where number limits have been proposed for mass gathering from the government the following steps will form our Countermeasure Plans:  

4.1. Sunday services will continue with the following groups to be present:

  • Heads of Departments (HoDs)

  • Choir

  • Technical

  • Sanctuary Keepers

The total number of those present will align with the UK government directive.

4.2 All other parishioners and visitors are encouraged to follow us via the Breath of Life Church YouTube Livestream channel

4.3 Thursday service will be streamed LIVE to ensure compliance with UK government directive. We ask for your patience, support, and understanding in this regard.

4.4 Tuesday prayers will be held in individual homes and prayer points will be shared and led via an appropriate communication channel.

Important notice:

  • The trigger for the Countermeasure Plans above will be a notification via the church What’s App group. It is therefore imperative that parishioners and regular visitors are registered.

  • May I encourage you all to bring to the attention of the leaders those who need to be added to the group.

  • Please raise any points for further clarification. If in doubt ask questions.

  • Finally, be reminded that our help is in the name of the Lord Our God.



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