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Breath of Life Youth

About BOLY
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Enterprise Training Centre

BOLY focusses on youth empowerment; the discovery, development and deployment of entrepreneurial capabilities in young people through capacity development training programmes.

Our training programmes are designed to help youths to obtain specialized training to get into employment or start their own business, and to provide practical support to succeed in their academics.

We also provide one to one career and business mentoring to young people by linking them with relevant mentors who will provide career guidance towards achieving success in their chosen field.

In the near future, BOLY will host an annual career fair to bring together local companies and local job

seekers. This will be target towards specific categories of students and job seekers:

  1. Students seeking employment after graduation

  2. Students seeking placement during their placement

  3. International Students seeking to get update on immigration and

  4. settlement after graduation

  5. Students looking to work while studying


The event will be free to attend

Bournemouth, Poole  & Christchurch is home to five key areas of education in England which are:

  • English Language Schools, 

  • Selected private and state schools for those under 18 years of age

  • Colleges of Further Education

  • Colleges of Higher Education

  • Universities  

This makes the region a centre of attraction for young people to learn and create a future career.  

In addition to this population, there are other youths who unemployed, confused, facing family problems, conflicts in relationships, problems with addicition and substance abuse, victim of discrimination etc.


BOLY exists to challenge and inspire young people towards envisioning and creating an enviable future.

Our Vision is to raise a people of positive influence.

Our core values are Accountability, Growth, Reputation, Integrity and Purpose.
Our slogans are:

  • 'Make a difference and be the difference'

  • 'Others may but you cannot because of who and whose you are'

  • 'You can have contacts without contamination'

Breath of Life Society
Breath of Life Youth Affiliations.

Breath of Life Society is a student society at Bournemouth University whose purpose is to create an entrepreneurial community that will support and develop skills in BU students through a number of inspirational activities.


The society has become a hub for students to share and discuss business ideas.

Local business owners are invited on monthly basis to deliver practical talks on how to successfully run a business.

Breath of Life Football Club 

BOLFC is a recreational football club created to provide further opportuniuty for young people to find common interests, develop both mentally and physically and, finally increase life skills. 

Family Soccer
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